45 X 45:

A project by Atlanta citizens
with help from #weloveatl, The INSIDE OUT Project, and Art on the Beltline.

45 X 45 is a wheat paste mural and community photography project in which 45 Atlanta photographers took portraits of 45 Atlanta residents – each from one of the 45 neighborhoods connected by the Beltline – which were then displayed on a large scale mural installation on the one trail that connects them all.

#weloveatl strives to connect the people of our city to tell authentic photographic stories of the city we love. For a long time, we’ve wanted to connect the talented photographers of the #weloveatl community individually with residents of Atlanta to foster an even more intimate kind of visual storytelling through portraiture. The Beltline connects 45 neighborhoods – but more importantly, it connects the people in those neighborhoods. With 45 X 45, we assigned 45 Atlanta photographers to 45 in-town neighborhoods, gave them a neighborhood representative as a resource, and then let them find the portrait subject that spoke to them. We printed all 45 portraits in partnership with the international participatory mural project The Inside Out Project, and then wheatpasted them as a large 15 foot by 50 foot mural along the Beltline at North Avenue. We've collected the stories from each portrait session here, to foster the narrative story behind each portrait.

For us, the final mural is an artifact of an even more important work of art: what happens as we take Atlanta photographers out of their own neighborhood and into another. It’s about connecting and showing the many faces of Atlanta – what makes us all different, but even more importantly, what makes us all the same.

Project leads: Brandon Barr, Monica Campana, Tim Moxley, Aaron Coury

Installation volunteers: Chris Richards, Ed Smith, Rob Dunalewicz, Wes Quarles, Kevin Abeyta, Lucie Canfield, Holly Schumacher, Jamie Allen, Joseph Dreher, Shannon Lawless

Installation photography: Jason Travis and Stephanie Calabrese

Photographers: Kevin Abeyta, Jamie Allen, Zack Arias, Brandon Barr, Morgan Blake, Kristin Bowen, Monica Campana, Lucie Canfield, David Carlton, Ed Castellon, Dustin Chambers, Ashley Chupp, Jeremiah Cowan, Eric Defino, Joseph Dreher, Rob Dunalewicz, Kendra Elise, Yoyo Ferro, Jason Hales , Brooke Holder, Will Hughes, James B Johnson, Tim Lampe, Shannon Lawless, Zoa Omer, Whitney Ott, Micah Owens, Christynne Pacincak, Benjamin Pete, Steve Pomberg, Wes Quarles, Evan Ranft, Emily Schreck, Holly Schumacher, Scott Shire, Christina Swilley, Keith Taylor, Jason Travis, Jess Vass, Ryan Vizzions, David Voggenthaler, John-Robert Ward, Keith Weaver, Ben Wills.

This project was supported by a grant from Art on the Beltline